OnDemand Webinar
Everyone Needs a Mentor (and to Mentor)
Have you ever envisioned yourself as a mentor for your community? What can you do to better help those that walk through the doors of your library?

Librarians don’t just point their patrons towards services and information, they are aids and mentors to those in their community who need help. In this webinar, Dustin Fife, the Director of Library Services for Western Colorado University, and Kristina Clement, Student Success Librarian for the University of Wyoming, discuss why mentoring is so important in our profession.

They will discuss

  • How mentors make important differences
  • Why everyone should be a mentor at some point in their career
  • What has & hasn’t worked for them in their mentor/mentee relationships

Don’t miss out on this chance to hear from Dustin and Kristina and learn more about how you can become a mentor for your community.


Dustin Fife

Director of Library Services
Western Colorado University

Kristina Clement

Student Success Librarian
University of Wyoming