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BLUEcloud Campus—Pave your Way to Powerful Discovery with Enterprise and Portfolio, Part 2

How can I manage and make my digital resources more accessible? How can I make all my library's offerings more visible?

SirsiDynix is pleased to invite you along for The Campus Tour! Join experienced Campus guide Ranny Lacanienta to learn more about Enterprise and BLUEcloud Campus. In part 2 of our Discovery exploration, Ranny will introduce you to the management power of Portfolio and BLUEcloud Visibility the revolutionary Linked Data web discoverability solution.

In this free 30 minute presentation, Ranny will discuss Enterprise, Portfolio, and BLUEcloud Visibility, three key components of the BLUEcloud Campus. Ranny will cover:

  • Managing your digital assets with Portfolio
  • Strength in Numbers: Exposing your library materials on the web via BLUEcloud Visibility
  • Learn about the "Behind the Scenes" of how BLUEcloud Visibility works

Register now for the Campus Tour! This webinar will give you a better understanding of the Discovery components of BLUEcloud Campus. Give your end users intuitive, gateways for discovery to all the resources your campus has to offer.

About The Campus Tour

The Campus Tour is a series of 9 webinars that explore BLUEcloud Campus, a new library service platform from SirsiDynix for academic and research libraries. Led by experienced guides, these webinars familiarize you with how BLUEcloud Campus can make a difference in your library for your students, faculty, and staff. The tour is designed to give a sense of each of the game-changing tools available, their features, and how you can put them to use in your library.


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Ranny Lacanienta

Director, Academic Product Strategy

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"SirsiDynix is serious about customer care, and the support staff are friendly and quick, [giving] equal priority to the small and large library customers alike; your R&D is fantastic . . . and products are tried and true before release."
- Queen's College, University of Melbourne

"[We’ve had] an excellent relationship with the company over the years that has just gotten better and better."
- Lansing Public Library

"SirsiDynix continues to upgrade its products, enabling us to . . . have the latest cutting-edge integrated library system."
- Round Rock ISD

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