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How to Engage Your Community More Effectively: The Resurgence of Print and Direct Mail
Have you wondered about different ways to grab the attention of your community? Are you managing a bunch of digital marketing that doesn’t increase engagement?

In a time when all generations are inundated with digital media and marketing, it might be surprising to know that Millennials pay attention to print and direct mail advertising more than digital. In fact, 90% of Millennials think direct mail advertising is reliable: studies show that physical ads like Print and Direct Mail trigger activity in a part of the brain that corresponds with value and desirability.

With events, exhibitions, outreach, information, and more, print and direct mail has re-emerged as the “new” way to capture the attention and interest of your community. Either through posters, in-Library hand-outs, mailings, exhibition promotion, print and direct mail gives you a variety of ways to make a stronger impact on your community.

Join us as Christopher Foster, VP of Business Development at Modern Postcard, teaches us

  • Why physical media engages the brain differently than digital media and how to use this phenomena to generate engagement for your library
  • How to balance print and direct mail with other digital media channels
  • Tips and best practices for design and mailing

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear more about how powerful physical mailing can be in your library’s marketing plans.

Christopher Fosteris the VP of New Business Development and Creative Director at Modern Postcard, a direct marketing and printing services company. In this role he conducts all aspects of brand development, research, forecasting, go-to-market plan, product & service development, customer onboarding, message platforms, market position, branding, demand generation, creative direction, communication platform, sales & marketing channels. He also currently teaches Brand and Positioning Strategy at UCSD Extension for 9 years running. He has also been asked to create and lead professional curriculum workshops through their Professional Outreach program. He has presented at numerous San Diego Marketing Association events, as well as national events for the Direct Marketing Association.
Christopher Foster
Vice President of Business Development