OnDemand Webinar
How to Lead Your Library, Part Two: Organizational Politics

Navigating the demands of organizational politics can be tricky if not downright disastrous. James Matarazzo and Toby Pearlstein want to help your library have a voice and lead the way in your organization.

Pulling from their years of experience in leadership and management positions, James and Toby outline some general rules of politics as well as leave you with a few concrete objectives. Their webinar will discuss:

  • How to unleash the political you
  • What it means to be a politically savvy leader
  • How to foster strong alliances

Join us for this 45-minute webinar and Q&A session. Learn the keys to succeeding in your organizational goals as a library leader.


Jim Matarazzo is Dean Emeritus and a Professor at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College. His research has been published in numerous books and articles. His expertise has led to consulting engagements on the creation of corporate libraries and information centers, and the management of information for many corporations. He has held a wide range of leadership positions within SLA, including service on the SLA Board in the mid-1980s. Jim is an SLA Fellow, and has received the SLA Professional Award and the SLA President’s Award. Dr. Matarazzo was inducted into the SLA hall of Fame in June of 2015.

Retired Director, Global Information Services, Bain & Company, Inc.

Toby Pearlstein retired from her position as Director of Global Information Services at Bain & Company, Inc., the global management consulting firm, at the end of 2007. Her expertise is in the area of globalization of corporate information services and vendor portfolio management. She has served as Chair of the SLA Business & Finance Division and the Transportation Division, as well as holding various other positions on SLA Committees. Over the years she has shared her knowledge through the presentation of programs at SLA’s Annual Conference and at local Chapter meetings, as well as at ASIST Conferences and Internet Librarian Conferences. Toby is an SLA Fellow and was inducted into the SLA Hall of Fame.