OnDemand Webinar
Marketing 102: Tackling Misconceptions That Can Prevent Effective Library Marketing
Have you encountered challenges building enthusiasm about marketing internally? Are you looking for ways to build a more cohesive marketing plan?

In the first webinar we defined marketing as it applies to libraries. Now, this second webinar will tackle common misconceptions so you can build more effective marketing programs. We will examine examples of great marketing and how it differs from selling and advertising.

In this second webinar in the series our presenters will:

  • Deconstruct the difference between marketing, sales, and advertising
  • Explore the value of a strong mission statement
  • Show how great marketing ‘starts with why’
  • Analyze marketing campaigns of companies and libraries to better understand what makes a successful campaign

Join Christopher Foster, VP Business Development at Modern Postcard and Marketing Instructor at the University of California, San Diego Extension, and Robert Storer, Director of Marketing at SirsiDynix, for the this session of our free multi-part webinar series focused on helping libraries understand and develop effective marketing.

Tune into this webinar series and start your journey to become an expert library marketer!

Christopher Foster
VP Business Development
Modern Postcard
Robert Storer
Director of Marketing