OnDemand Webinar
What it's Like to be a Customer of SirsiDynix
Have you wondered about different ways to grab the attention of your community? Are you managing a bunch of digital marketing that doesn’t increase engagement?
The experience for customers of SirsiDynix is different from other vendors. Join Bill Davison as he hosts a webinar about what it’s like to be a customer of SirsiDynix. You can expect to hear about how about the focus of SD is on you the customer, how we make our software with over 1000 customers' input and our guiding light of BLUE, the Best Library User Experience, how we function more like a partner than a vendor, what the true meaning of open and transparent is, why our Best-of-Breed approach to software development makes a difference for libraries like yours, our new Community Engagement Platform, how our customer and staff culture centers on community, and why we can truly say we believe in the power of libraries.
Bill Davison
CEO SirsiDynix