OnDemand Webinar
Marketing Your Library
Does “library marketing” sound like a contradiction? It doesn't have to be—learn how two libraries made marketing work for them.

Your library has plenty to offer your community. But how many of your users know that? To communicate this value, you need to market your library.

In this webinar, you’ll learn from two librarians who increased their library’s presence through marketing. Ben Burdick of Lakewood Public Library and Elizabeth Brookbank of Western Oregon University will talk about the successes and challenges they’ve faced, including which strategies worked—and which didn’t.

Ben and Elizabeth will discuss:

  • How they chose marketing strategies to solve their libraries’ problems
  • Tips for creating compelling program guides and social media
  • The top 3 things to know before you start marketing

Download the on-demand video to discover how you can market your own library.

About the Series
The Libary Professional Series provides training on topics such as librarianship, common or new issues libraries face, and industry concerns. These webinars are an excellent resource for furthering one's knowledge and professional skills in an ever-changing industry. 

Ben Burdick

Program Coordinator

Elizabeth Brookbank

Instructional Librarian