OnDemand Webinar
How to Create New Revenue Streams for Your Library
Has your budget been cut? How can you find more money while maintaining your reputation?

If your library’s budget is cut, you may face shortened hours, fewer children’s programs, outdated equipment, or long holds lists. But there may be another option. Join adult services librarian Ed Rossman to learn alternative ways to generate revenue without sacrificing your library’s reputation.

Using public broadcasting as a model, Rossman will talk about how to develop a prospect list, take advantage of new technology, and put underused library assets to work. During the webinar, you will learn:

  • How to handle tax and legal issues as you pursue dynamic, revenue-generating sponsorship's
  • How to use your library’s data to establish value and create your own rate chart
  • How to promote your revenue-generating techniques to the community

Join us for this free, 35-minute webinar and the following Q&A session to find out how to create alternative revenue streams for your library.

About the Series
The Libary Professional Series provides training on topics such as librarianship, common or new issues libraries face, and industry concerns. These webinars are an excellent resource for furthering one's knowledge and professional skills in an ever-changing industry. 

Ed Rossman

Adult Services Librarian