OnDemand Webinar
New Management Realities for Special Libraries

In a recent study, only 1/3 of corporate managers could ascribe value to their company’s library. How should special librarians respond? Special library experts Jim Matarazzo and Toby Pearlstein will give their advice in this free webinar.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why problems in the economy matter to special libraries
  • Why you should measure what you contribute to your employer’s success
  • What your users actually want from your library—and how to deliver it

Join us for this 45-minute presentation and the following Q&A session to learn how to better align your work in the library with your institution’s goals.

About the Series
The Libary Professional Series provides training on topics such as librarianship, common or new issues libraries face, and industry concerns. These webinars are an excellent resource for furthering one's knowledge and professional skills in an ever-changing industry. 

Jim Matarazzo

Dean Emeritus and Professor, Simmons School of Library and Information Science

Toby Pearlstein

Former Director of Global Information Services at Bain & Company, Inc.