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Horizon 360: Serials Set Up
Serials don’t have to be unpredictable. Plot your course in Serials Set Up.
Master Horizon from all angles! Join Horizon expert Ken Bonney for Horizon 360: Serials Set Up to learn the ins and outs of Horizon’s Serials module. In this free 90 minute training webinar, Ken will discuss
  • Copy Subscription Records
  • Prediction Patterns
  • Summary of Holdings

Your Horizon system has all the tools you need for streamlined serials. Learn how to use the tools available to you! Serials Set Up will be followed by Serials Check In in June.

Register now to learn the foundations of Horizon’s Serials!

About the Series

Horizon 360 is an 11-part training series that covers the full functionality of your Horizon ILS. Led by Horizon expert Ken Bonney, this free, limited-time training teaches how to accomplish almost any task in your Horizon system. Sessions range from 60-90 minutes long. Join the live sessions or watch on-demand, but be sure to stay caught up, because on-demand viewing will only be available for 30 days following the live webinar.

For those of you working on your Horizon Ninja certificate, this series does not replace the Ninja series. The Horizon 360 series is a distinct stand-alone training series.

Ken Bonney
SirsiDynix Horizon Expert