OnDemand Webinar
Debi's EOS.Web Shortcuts

Join Senior EOS.Web Trainer Debi Washington for this presentation on EOS.Web Shortcuts. Debi will discuss all things EOS.Web Shortcuts including recent developments and featured topics.

This webinar will cover:

  • What staff-side text can I edit
  • How do I make staff-side edits
  • How do I determine my linked media storage

Attend Debi's EOS.Web Shortcuts and get your questions answered in this training webinar. Register today and come learn what's going on with EOS.Web Shortcuts.

About the Series
These webinars spotlight the functions and capabilities of individual EOS.Web products. Presented by experienced Product Specialists, these webinars will familiarize you with the full range of EOS.Web software. Learn more about what EOS.Web offers and how you can take advantage of each effective tool.

Debi Washington

Senior EOS.Web Trainer