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Cedar Falls Public Library - A Power of Libraries Story
Is your library looking for new ways to connect with your community through social outreach? Are you wanting to learn from the programs and experiences of other libraries?

Are you looking to connect with the heart of your community? Through programming centered on social awareness and diversity topics they knew their community was interested in, the Cedar Falls Public Library found a way to do just that. Join Jessica Bamford-Love and Laura Pagel, the authors of the program, for this 30-minute, free webinar where we’ll cover how the “Cultural Literacy” programming series started, how staff rallied community support, and how a program like this could benefit your library.

Since 2017, this remarkably successful program has covered many topics. The Cultural Diversity program invites speakers from diverse backgrounds and experiences to come and speak on specialized topics. They’ve held sessions exploring LGBTQ+ issues, local racial diversity, coping with grief, disability awareness, mental health awareness, overcoming racial bias, ‘Dreamers’ and DACA, immigration, religious diversity and many more.

They’ve succeeded in creating educational opportunities for their patrons on topics of social awareness and you can too. Tune into this webinar as the originators discuss the genesis of this incredible program, the impact it has had on their patrons, and explore how you could implement this idea into your community too! Register now!

About the Series
This webinar series is all about sharing stories of libraries and how they are making a difference in their communities.

Jessica Bamford-Love

Library Assistant

Laura Pagel

Library Assistant