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COVID-19: How One Library is Coping with Being in the Epicenter and How Controlled Digital Lending Can Benefit Libraries
Looking for information on how to help your community and staff deal with the coronavirus (COVID-19)? Would you like to learn more about how to keep engaged with your community during this changing time?

On this week’s episode, join Brenda Stenger, Director of the American Hospital Association Resource Library, as she shares the experience of her and her team as demands on their library has increased and how they have adapted. Then, hear from Chris Freeland, Director of Open Libraries at Archive.org, as he talks about how to add great electronic content for free.

Join us this week and hear more on:

  • How a library was able to adjust to the needs of their community
  • How Controlled Digital Lending from Archive.org can add additional digital content to your catalog

We know that information regarding COVID-19 is rapidly changing, and we are working to curate the most up-to-date content in an effort to help keep you informed. Join us on April 1st for this live webinar. Stay connected, register now!

About the Series
The Library Professional Series provides training on topics such as librarianship, common or new issues libraries face, and industry concerns. These webinars are an excellent resource for furthering one's knowledge and professional skills in an ever-changing industry. 

Eric Keith

Chief Marketing Officer

Brenda Stenger

Director of the AHA Resource Library

Chris Freeland

Director of Open Libraries