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COVID-19: Reviewing Resources with Library Journal & Why Working From Home Can Tire You Out
Looking for information on how to help your community and staff deal with the coronavirus? Are you wondering why you feel so tired now that you work from home?

On this week’s episode, Eric Keith and Special Guest Meredith Schwartz, Editor-in-Chief at Library Journal, reviews available Library Journal resources to help you face the changing landscape of meeting patron’s needs in our social distancing reality. Then, Robert Storer and Eric explain why we’re all so tired now that we work from home.

Join us this week and hear more on:

  • Library Journals COVID-19 resources
  • Why working from home can be so exhausting and what to do about it

We know that information regarding COVID-19 is rapidly changing, and we are working to curate the most up-to-date content in an effort to help keep you informed. Stay connected, watch it now!

This episode is available now as an OnDemand webinar.

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Eric Keith

Chief Marketing Officer

Robert Storer

Director of Marketing

Meredith Schwartz

Editor-in-Chief, Library Journal