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Saving Money with Open Access
Is your library facing budget challenges post quarantine? Would you like to learn more about how an Open Access collection strategy can help the library save money while providing more high-quality scholarly content to its users?

Join Carolyn Morris, Director of Content Solutions, and Rick Branham, VP Pre-Sales Solutions & Academic Library Initiatives for an in depth look at the OA publishing universe, including what’s being published, who is publishing it, and how your library can take advantage of OA content to reduce expenditures and improve service.

This session will cover:

  • Assessing current collections for opportunities to save
  • Developing an OA collection strategy
  • Providing a superior patron and student experience with DRM-free content

Catch up on this rapidly-evolving trend in scholarly publishing in just 30 minutes. Register today to get these and other questions answered.

About the Series
Recent changes in research funding regulations globally and library-lead initiatives are transforming the economics of scholarly publishing. These changes are also fueling a dramatic increase in “born open” publications, including peer-reviewed articles, books, and textbooks. The Open Access Speaker Series will bring you up to date on open access and prepare you to develop collections and outreach strategies that take advantage of this growing body of high-quality, freely-accessible content. Academic, public, and special libraries can all benefit from this series.

Rick Branham

VP Pre-Sales Solutions & Academic Library Initiatives

Carolyn Morris

Director of Content Solutions