Episode 4 of 4
Community Engagement - Customer stories

Hear ye, hear ye! Come one, come all to this year’s training and certification series for BLUEcloud Visibility+!

Join Channel Sales Manager, Lauri Mcintosh for episode 4 of this 4 part series. Each month you will take a journey through the mystical land of BLUEcloud Visibility+ to learn new tips and tricks that you never knew before. In this 15 minute session of the Royal Series you will learn about:

  • Sharing success stories of peer libraries using BLUEcloud Visibility+ to reach users, beyond the catalog
  • Sharing steps that are taken to build relationships and get the partnerships off the ground
  • Feedback from libraries that have put these things in place - what users are saying

Earn your BLUEcloud Visibility+ Royal certification and be crowned the ruler over your library’s kingdom.

About the Series
The BLUEcloud Visibility+ Royal Series is a 4-part mini series. Each 15 minute episode will spotlight functionality that will help you to become a BLUEcloud Visibility+ master. Attend all 4 sessions live or on-demand and receive your BLUEcloud Visibility+ Royal certification!

Lauri Mcintosh

Channel Sales Manager