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Surfacing Your Community’s Local History
2020 Power of Libraries Award Winner Boone County Public Library Shares the Impact of the Kentucky Borderlands Database Project

Bridget Striker, the Local History Coordinator at Boone County Public Library, is hosting a webinar on July 28! Launched by BCPL in 2014, the African Americans of Boone County Initiative includes several projects developed to connect the community to Boone County’s African American history, culminating in the Kentucky Borderlands database project, bringing to light the issues of enslavement within Boone County’s history and helping the community acknowledge its past and those who were enslaved.

Using library resources to make local history available has had a profound impact on the residents of Boone County. Community members can connect with their past, educate themselves about enslavement, and learn more about an important era in Boone County’s history because of the research of the library and the local history department. Libraries everywhere can learn from BCPL to discover new ways to tune into the needs of their own community and generate ideas to uplift and inform its members.

Join Bridget as she discusses:

  • What inspired the project
  • How the project came together
  • Ways people in the community have been impacted by their work
  • Community outreach ideas that can be easily implemented by your library

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the powerful impact BCPL has had on its community. Register now to learn from this inspiring project!

About the Series
This webinar series is all about sharing stories of libraries and how they are making a difference in their communities.

Bridget Striker

Local History Coordinator