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Using Library Resources to Meet the Needs of the Community
Looking for ways to encourage creativity within your library? Wondering how to further your community outreach?

Katelyn Coyne, Director of Experimental Learning at Hamilton East Public Library (HEPL) in Indiana is hosting a webinar on September 1! Staff at HEPL dedicated an entire floor of their library to create “Ignite,” a makerspace that unifies the community through sharing ideas, projects, and creative processes. The space gives patrons access to 3D printers, pottery wheels, laser engravers, professional audio/video production studio and equipment, sewing machines, maker-kits, and more. As more and more members of the community use and benefit from the space, artists have volunteered to share their expertise, instruction, and insight. Ignite also offers formal classes such as woodworking, oil painting, and costume design that are available for patrons to enroll in as they expand their skill set.

Using library resources to encourage patrons to explore and embrace their creativity has had a profound impact on the community. Ignite has brought people into the library that may not have found themselves there otherwise. The community uses the space to learn from and connect with one another as they develop their passions and expertise through the tools Ignite provides. Libraries everywhere can learn from HEPL to discover new ways to tune into the needs of their own community and generate ideas to uplift and encourage its members.

Join Katelyn as she discusses:

  • What inspired Ignite Studio
  • How Ignite Studio came together
  • Ways people in the community have used Ignite
  • Community outreach ideas that can be easily implemented by your library

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the powerful impact HEPL has had on its community. Register now to learn from this inspiring project!

About the Series
This webinar series is all about sharing stories of libraries and how they are making a difference in their communities.

Katelyn Coyne

Director of Experiential Learning