Episode 1 of 2
BLUEcloud Course Lists: Resource Link Policies

Get your gear and get ready to work on your Enterprise skills with this year’s certification series. Join Consultant & Trainer Siobhan Cottam for episode 1 of this 2-part Champion series. Add new moves to your playbook each month and join the Pro’s in the dugout. Complete both parts to become a BLUECloud Course Lists Champion!

This 15 minute webinar will focus on:

  • Making your lists interactive
  • Links for library staff and faculty
  • Links for students
About the Series
The BLUEcloud Course Lists Champion series is a 2-part mini-series where each 15 minute episode will spotlight functionality that will help you become a BLUEcloud Course Lists Champion. Complete all both parts to become a Champion series graduate!

Siobhan Cottam

Consultant & Trainer