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BLUEcloud Central: Search Configuration

Get your gear and get ready to work on your BLUEcloud Central skills with this year’s certification. Join Trainer/Consultant II Katie Lusk for this exciting Champion certification. Add new moves to your playbook this month and join the Pro’s in the dugout. All attendees will fast track their way to be a BLUEcloud Central Champion!

This 15-20 minute webinar will focus on:

  • Search Sources and Targets
  • Search Limits
  • Search Policies
  • Search Tasks
  • Knowing how to set these up will help you use many BLUEcloud products, including BC Cataloging, BC Circulation, BC Mobile, and more!
About the Series
BLUEcloud Central Champion series is a 1-episode webinar that will spotlight functionality that will help you become a BC Central Champion. Complete this episode to become a Champion series graduate!

Katie Lusk

Trainer/Consultant II