OnDemand Webinar
Googley Eyed: Is Google the Best Way to Find Open Access Resources?

Interested in learning ways to expand your library’s research content? Wondering how to eliminate paywalls and subscription costs without compromising on quality?

Open access content allows unrestricted access and reuse, making it free to read and use without a paid subscription. Rick Branham, VP, Pre-Sales, Academic & Content Solutions, will cover all the basics in open access and open educational resources, including what open access is and why it’s important for public libraries.

This webinar will:

  • Compare Google searching for OA using CloudSource OA
  • Offer strategies for end users to find these resources
  • Provide data on potential cost savings
About the Series
The Open Access Basics for Public Libraries Series will help librarians get acquainted with OA and the ways it can benefit their communities. Whether you’re familiar with OA or just starting your journey, this series will ensure you have all the need-to-know information at your fingertips. The OA movement continues to grow exponentially across the globe, increasing the need for public libraries to stay up to date with their collections and database organization. This series will help libraries develop their collections and provide high-quality, freely accessible content to their patrons.  

Rick Branham

VP, Pre-Sales, Academic & Content Solutions