OnDemand Webinar
The Perks of Circ: A Transformative User Experience with BLUEcloud Circulation

Join us for a 15-minute tour of BLUEcloud Circulation, an intuitive web-based interface that allows you to effortlessly manage patron data, checkouts, check-ins, holds, and more.

In this first installment in a three-part series, Product Manager Carla Clark will:

  • Explore key differences between BLUEcloud Circulation, Symphony Workflows, and Horizon.
  • Spotlight the BLUEcloud Circulation user experience and the theory behind it.
  • Reveal fundamental BLUEcloud Circulation features in the context of the patron interface.

Get your questions answered and see how BLUEcloud Circulation can support staff at the circ desk and beyond. Register today.


Carla Clark

Product Manager