OnDemand Webinar
How to Be an Effective Open Access Advocate at Your Institution

Academic libraries are often caught in the middle of the struggle to meet the needs of students and faculty, often with shrinking budgets and overworked staff. It’s obvious to many librarians that the growing open access movement could hold the key to meeting the needs of your institution and easing tension around shrinking budgets and resources. How can you convince colleagues and stakeholders at your library to see that same potential?

Join us to learn tips and tricks for becoming an open access advocate and discover how CloudSource OA, the first truly content neutral platform that aggregates the global body of OA and OER content, can further support your journey.

Together, we will explore:

  • Facts and figures about the quality and prevalence of open access resources
  • How to recruit students and faculty to your cause
  • How to evaluate your collection to determine how much of what you already subscribe to is actually open
  • The ins and outs of CloudSource OA, which provides access to millions of OA and OER materials with one click—no login or authentication required—as well as enhanced metadata, information on an article’s peer-review status, copyright, citations, social media buzz, and more

Register today. See how CloudSource OA can improve your user experience, transform your approach to collection development, and help you lead the way to OA at your library.

About the Series
The Open Access Speaker Series for Academic Libraries will help librarians get acquainted with OA and the ways it can benefit their students. Whether you’re familiar with OA or just starting your journey, this series will ensure you have all the need-to-know information at your fingertips. The OA movement continues to grow exponentially across the globe, increasing the need for academic libraries to stay up to date with their collections and database organization. This series will help libraries develop their collections and provide high-quality, freely accessible content to their students.  
Maryśka Connolly