OnDemand Webinar
How to Face Book Challenges Head-On, with CLCD’s Dr. Ajay Gupte
Looking to combat book challenges with surefire strategies and meaningful data? Interested in resources that can supplement your library’s collection policies and help keep books on the shelves?

Join us for this special presentation featuring Dr. Ajay Gupte, president of the Children's Literature Comprehensive Database (CLCD). Together, we will delve into the origins and aftermath of book censorship attempts, and pinpoint how you and your library can navigate these challenges—and craft an airtight defense against them.

During this free, 30-minute webinar, you will:

    • Identify several motivating factors behind book challenges.
    • Discuss how to prepare your library for all stages of the book challenge process.
    • Discover data-driven resources that can help address current challenges and preempt future ones.

Find new ways to affirm the importance of every book in your library’s collection and safeguard your community’s right to read. Register today.

About the Series
A longtime partner of SirsiDynix, the Children's Literature Comprehensive Database is a premier online reference tool that aggregates key data points—including subject headings, awards, professional reviews, and more—for over one million children’s and young adult titles. Learn more at https://www.clcd.com/.

Eric Keith

Chief Marketing Officer, SirsiDynix

Dr. Ajay Gupte

President, CLCD, LLC