OnDemand Webinar
Introducing Offload System Administration Services

Join us for this exciting 30-minute introduction to OSAS: an all-new service that helps you tackle routine to-do list items and spend more time connecting with patrons, demonstrating value to stakeholders, and uplifting your community.

During our time together, Director of Consulting & Training Margaret Hansen and Chief Marketing Officer Eric Keith will:

  • Provide an overview of this adaptable service, from the collaborative team behind it to the types of projects and libraries it can support.
  • Offer insights into OSAS’s instrumental onboarding process.
  • Announce a forthcoming (very plushy!) promotional opportunity.

From previously backlogged tasks to your team’s most aspirational goals, OSAS will work with you to achieve them. See how—and get your questions answered; register today.


Margaret Hansen

Director of Consulting & Training