OnDemand Webinar
You’re Paying HOW Much for Free Content?

More than ever, academic libraries must combat misinformation and provide high-quality, scholarly resources for their users, all while managing shrinking budgets. Quality open access resources can be the answer . Although they dominate top search results in database after database, most open access and open educational resources (OER) are effectively hidden behind paywalls or are expensive to access.

To learn how to bypass the paywalls and provide high-quality OA resources to your faculty and students for less money, join us for this 30-minute conversation with Jill Blades, Executive Account Manager for Content Solutions.

Together, we will:

  • Uncover what OA materials the traditional subscription databases include, and more importantly, what they leave out and why
  • Provide cost-effective solutions for capturing the most OA content possible
  • Learn how to make OA content easy to find and access
  • Explore how CloudSource provides users with research on any subject with one-click access to more than 60 million OA and OER materials—no login or authentication required

Take advantage of our free collection analysis service to uncover exactly how much your library pays for “free” content, and discover how you can expand your collection and reduce subscription costs. Register today.

About the Series
The Open Access Speaker Series for Academic Libraries will help librarians get acquainted with OA and the ways it can benefit their students. Whether you’re familiar with OA or just starting your journey, this series will ensure you have all the need-to-know information at your fingertips. The OA movement continues to grow exponentially across the globe, increasing the need for academic libraries to stay up to date with their collections and database organization. This series will help libraries develop their collections and provide high-quality, freely accessible content to their students.  
Maryśka Connolly
CloudSource Director of Partnerships & Communications
Jill Blades
Executive Account Manager, Content Solutions