OnDemand Webinar
BIG Ideas for Small Libraries
Do you face challenges as a small library? Do you ever feel limited by your small staff, small budget, and small space?

American Fork Library has felt similar challenges but they don’t let being a small library stop them from having Big ideas!

Join Erin Warnick and Lori Bonner as they talk about how to make small library programs successful. The presentation will discuss

  • The things they have tried, both successes and failures
  • What they have learned through their experiences
  • How your library can implement BIG ideas in a small library

Join us to learn more about how your small library can make a big impact.


Erin Warnick is the children’s librarian at the American Fork Public Library in Utah. She recently graduated with a Bachelor in English Literature and is looking forward to beginning her MLS program in January. She is a firm believer that adults should get naptime too and lives by the motto “Make It Work.”

Lori Bonner is the assistant children's librarian at the American Fork Public Library in Utah. One of the things she likes most about her job is that she can play with puppets as an adult and it's not weird. Scuba diving, mountain climbing, and marathon running are all things she's read about.

Erin Warnick
American Fork Library
Children’s Librarian
Lori Bonner
Assistant Children’s