OnDemand Webinar
BLUEcloud Course Lists: The Campus Tool for Organizing, Sharing, and Discovering Course Resources
How can I support the classroom syllabus? How can I make it easy for professors to use library resources and quick for students to find what they need?

SirsiDynix is pleased to invite you along for The Campus Tour! Join Campus Guide Rick Branham to learn more about BLUEcloud Course Lists, the Campus tool that will make life easier for instructors, students, and library staff. Professors can build lists using any resource from BLUEcloud Discovery (including articles and digital assets), and they can even select titles from Amazon, YouTube, and other third party databases and websites. These lists can be published for Discovery, and even pushed to learning management systems like Blackboard and Canvas.

In this free 30 minute presentation, Rick will discuss:

  • How Course Lists will deliver an invaluable new service to your campus
  • Course list creation workflow
  • Staff approval process
  • Course Lists publication
Register now for the Campus Tour! Learn more about how BLUEcloud Campus and how you can help your students and teachers bring order to their coursework and facilitate the delivery of resources they need.
About the Series
The Campus Tour is a series of 9 webinars that explore BLUEcloud Campus, a new library service platform from SirsiDynix for academic and research libraries. Led by experienced guides, these webinars familiarize you with how BLUEcloud Campus can make a difference in your library for your students, faculty, and staff. The tour is designed to give a sense of each of the game-changing tools available, their features, and how you can put them to use in your library.
Rick Branham
Vice President, Global Accounts & Academic Library Initiatives