OnDemand Webinar
BLUEcloud Discovery Custom Services Overview
Have you heard about BLUEcloud Discovery Custom Services? Want to learn what it can do for your Enterprise Experience?

Join Director of Consulting and Training Margaret Pelfrey for a free overview of BLUEcloud Discovery Custom Services (BCDCS). We want to help you go the extra mile and give your Enterprise experience a boost. Margaret will show you how BCDCS can give your patrons the best library user experience possible.

This webinar will cover:

  • BLUEcloud Discovery Custom Services makes getting Enterprise looking and working the way you want quickly and easily
  • Ensures that your taking full advantage of all the functionality Enterprise offers like integrations, widgets, styling, and even customizations like our new Bento Box display
  • How BCDCS is like having a part time coding and design expert on staff

Learn what Discovery Services is all about and how your library can benefit in this free 30-minute webinar. Register today to learn more about this exciting new feature.

About the Series
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Margaret Pelfrey
Director of Consulting & Training