OnDemand Webinar
Ethics in Librarianship
What does the political climate in intellectual freedom mean for my library? What can I do to protect the future of information?

As the world goes increasingly digital, the climate surrounding information politics becomes increasingly convoluted. Libraries are caught in the heart of these tangled issues. Gain clarity with Public Library Director, consultant, and Librarian in Black author Sarah Houghton.

Information issues impact libraries in no small way. In this webinar Sarah explains what the current climate means for libraries and how you as a librarian can encourage change for the better. Sarah’s presentation will address:

  • Threats to intellectual freedom
  • Implications for libraries
  • Guiding principles

Join us for this 45-minute webinar and Q&A session with the witty and driven Librarian in Black. Librarians have the power to shape the future; learn how you can be a force for intellectual freedom.

Sarah Houghton
San Rafael Public Library Director