OnDemand Webinar
Horizon Hero: Pull List
Lists in distress? Supercharge your pull list powers and sweep those titles right of their feet.

Be super on your Horizon system! Join Superhero Ken Bonney for this free 15-minute webinar. Ken will teach you all the special powers you need to save the day at your library.

In this his first session of Horizon Hero, Ken will teach you various ways to use the Horizon Pull List depending on the size of your library and how the Pull List works.

Horizon is here to be your trusty sidekick. Join us for Pull List to learn more about your Horizon system and how you can be a Hero at your library.

About the Series
The Horizon Hero series is a series of eight webinars led by Horizon Superhero Ken Bonney. In these webinars, Ken teaches tips for getting the most out of your Horizon system. Attend all ten sessions, live or on-demand, to earn your Horizon Hero Certificate and the title of Horizon Hero!
Ken Bonney
SirsiDynix Horizon Master