OnDemand Webinar
Horizon Ninja Series: Item Group Editor
Skilled Ninjas know that there is strength in numbers. Learn to master the group editor and fortify your forces!

Hone your skills to become a Horizon Ninja! Join Horizon Ninja Master Ken Bonney for this free 15-minute webinar. Master Bonney will instruct you in the agile ways of Horizon so you can efficiently knock-out your workflows.

In session #5, Horizon Ninja Series: Item Group Editor you will learn:

  • Learn how to batch edit groups of items for temporary and permanent changes
  • Learn how to achieve groups of material for future use

Join us for Horizon Ninja Series: Item Group Editor to learn more about your Horizon system. Delve into the dexterity of Horizon with Ken Bonney and fear no functions. .

About the Series
The Horizon Ninja series is a series of ten webinars led by Horizon Ninja Master, Ken Bonney. In these webinars, Ken teaches tips for getting the most out of your Horizon system. Attend all ten sessions, live or on-demand, to earn your Horizon Ninja Certificate and the title of Horizon Ninja!
Ken Bonney
SirsiDynix Horizon Master