OnDemand Webinar
How to Get the Most from Your Library Budget
Do you need guidance for working with your library’s finances? Learn how to better handle your budget from an expert in library management.

No matter the size of your library, you can allocate your funds wisely to support your mission. In this webinar, Dr. Lisa Hussey of the Simmons School of Library and Information Science will share practical advice for managing your budget.

By attending the webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Prioritize expenses from your library’s funding
  • Make smart purchases and help your money go further
  • Survive a budget cut, with examples from other libraries

Join us for this 45-minute presentation and the following Q&A session to learn how to get the most from your library budget.

About the Series
The Libary Professional Series provides training on topics such as librarianship, common or new issues libraries face, and industry concerns. These webinars are an excellent resource for furthering one's knowledge and professional skills in an ever-changing industry. 

Dr. Lisa Hussey

Associate Professor, Simmons School of Library and Information Science