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BLUEcloud Wizard: Stand-Alone Objects in BLUEcloud Analytics
How can I take full advantage of Stand-Alone Objects in BLUEcloud Analytics

Put your BLUEcloud System under your spell! Join SirsiDynix trainer Bryan Parry for this free 15-minute webinar. Bryan will teach you all the tricks you need to know to move from apprentice to master at your library.

This tenth session of BLUEcloud Wizard will teach you to take full advantage of your Stand-Alone Objects in BLUEcloud Analytics. Learn about

  • Brief discussion of stand-alone objects
  • Introduce filters/prompts, metrics and custom groups
  • Show an example of how to combine them

Grab your wands and fasten your cloaks and join us for Stand-Alone Objects in BLUEcloud Analytics to learn more about your enchanting BLUEcloud system.

About the Series
The BLUEcloud Wizard series is a series of twelve webinars led by SirsiDynix Master trainers. In these webinars, SD trainers teach tips for getting the most out of your BLUEcloud system. Attend all twelve sessions, live or on-demand, to earn your BLUEcloud Wizard Certificate and the title of BLUEcloud Wizard!
Bryan Parry
Data Analyst